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Delivering innovation vs Leveraging value - Comments

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Chris Graham's blog
By admin

Delivering innovation vs Leveraging value

Posted 09 April 2013, 1:42 PM
In our community we often get questions that might sound something like:
How do I allow users to negotiate the dates of events posted to the calendar, by specifying the dates acceptable to each user, and having the system choose an appropriate date automatically?

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I really like this article and it is funny that until I read it I never actually looked at website development as "Software Development" which in fact as you point out is a much better view of it.

It really hammers home the difference betwen deployment and development in terms of building a website.

 Although I have been doing both sides of the coin for a long time I have always looked at the development side as an augmentation to the deployment side when in reality from the beginning much of that should be looked at as a development at the outset. It certainly puts everything in a new light for me and this is an article I would like to expand on one day, if I can, to help new users (or clients) look at their deployments of websites from the outset as if it were a development project from the beginning.

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