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Dark Marshall - Comments

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Dark Marshall by Duck

Downloads: 883
Added: 17 April 2012
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by JeanLiked by Harry-SLiked by Fletch)
A Dark Theme made from ocPortals Default them with CSS and Images customized.

Theme Includes:
  • PSD files for Logo
  • Blank PNG for Logo to use in a simpler image editor
  • Custom Forum Images
  • Custom Comcode Buttons
  • Extra Background Image of Metal Plates (Downloaded from

(Logo PNG's and PSD's are in Images/Logo Folder)

Theme is not Colour Blind Friendly but might be ideal for a gaming community site.

Hi Jean just back home for a couple days before I am gone again till next week so I have a couple days to work on things and as much as I wanted to finish a V8 of the theme it is going to have to wait a little longer cause I have soo much to catch up on right now. But I will report in when it is done.

Thanks for your first new theme, Duck. It looks great.

Hopefully, we will see additional themes in the future as your time permits. It's a great time to be an ocPortal user.


Good one, Duck.

More to follow, I hope.


Very nice one, like the colorscheme .

Got it!
Installed and working fine on v8!
Thanks for this superb Theme, Duck!
Love the rusty metal elements and color scheme!
Well Done!
Well deserved praise from someone who has contributed some superb themes himself.


Are there plans to upgrade to version 8 Duck?
I missing the Rating possibilitys :)

Yes I have been working on upgrading it to V8. Unfortunately the last couple days I have not been able to do much as I am suffering excruciating pain from a kidney stone. Heavily medicated I can do much more than toss and turn in bed and trying to sleep when I can. It does seem to be getting better a little but it still has not passed. Once I can focus again that upgrade is my top priority.

Thanks Duck, take your time. Your healt is on the first place!! So Take care.

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