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CityScape - Comments

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CityScape by Jean

Downloads: 4,518
Added: 02 January 2013
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by FletchLiked by sholzyLiked by Harry-SLiked by GuestLiked by superiorpyro)

Click on image for a live demo of this theme.
A New year: 2013.

Here is my latest experiment with a new style for the Welcome Page enhanced with HTML5, JavaScript and JQuery code snippets.

I have tested this theme with the latest browsers and although they all render it adequately, they certainly do not do it with equal accuracy and performance. For best result, I suggest Firefox, followed closely by Google Chrome. It was a welcome surprise to see Saf

Cityscape file size

Truly love this theme and wish to use it for my website. I cannot however download it as an add-on as it exceeds my php upload limit of 4MB. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to remedy this problem, either by increasing my upload limit or somehow allowing me to upload the theme without exceeding my limit? Thanks for your attention.
You should be able download this theme to your computer and then use FTP or your web host control panel to upload the downloaded .tar file to your web site imports/addons directory. Then in your web site adminzone you can do the installation from Structure->Addons.  It should be listed somewhere in the addons list.  The list will show that it is not installed.  Just click the green plus-sign icon to install it.  Then in the adminzone, you can go to Style->Themes to manage the theme.

Theme download

Thanks so much for replying Jason. I was able to transfer the file to my webhost FTP (thanks for the tip); the file did not show up in the addons list in ocPortal however. Went to Content Management>Downloads>Import FTP Files, where I plugged the FTP server URL from the webhost FTP. This is where I'm lost again, as it gives giving me an error: "Please check back over the form - you did not fill in all fields on the form correctly." How do I find the complete path to the webhost FTP; I've followed the format that ocportal outlined but I still get the same error message. Am I even going about this the right way?
Thanks so much for your assistance.  
Hi RB,

Please note that the Content Management Download section is a system for the storage and sharing among members of files that have been organized specifically for retrieval and distribution. It has nothing to do with installing a theme, I'm afraid.;)
The ftp method referred by Jason is the best method to manually upload a theme to your ocPortal addons folder. The addon list he mentionned is readily available if you go to:  Admin Zone–>Structure–> Addons .

See image below for details:

Have you uploaded the file in the right map:


Normally it will now show up in the addons section on the admin.

Addon download

Thanks for both the replies. I got to this path because the theme I wanted to use was too big a file, exceeding the 4 MB php upload limit. Now that it's in my webhost control panel ftp file (thanks to Jason), can you kindly show me how to get it to the ocPortal imports/addons file so I can install it? Sorry for being dense, but I am determined to learn this; previous website experience was with cm4all so this is quite a reach.

Now that you have access to this file through your cPanel File Manager you can follow Jason's suggestion textually. Just be sure to deposit this file in your ocPortal folder /imports/addons and look at the image above to see how to install it from the ocPortal Addon interface.


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