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Car Fantasy - Comments

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Car Fantasy by Harry-S

Downloads: 3,696
Added: 05 September 2012
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by JeanLiked by FletchLiked by TisnartLiked by BobSLiked by superiorpyroLiked by GuestLiked by MrsWaffles)
This theme can be used for free at it is. Questions please in the forum themes.
There are different changes made in global.css and ocf.css
Header and outerbackground images are changed.
Created by Digiflash Netherlands.

Very nice Harry, well done. You have encouraged me to think about doing a theme.
Thank you.
Your always welcome Tisnard. :)

bad mojo

This theme made changes to my site I can not get rid of even after uninstalling the theme. First of all even the admin pages were using the theme, and now that I've deleted it, every single page in every theme has an error "demo2 not found" on every page. More than once on some pages.

It's starting to look like I'm going to have to completely wipe out my site and start over.

Is it possible to cure this? maybe. probably. But I can't find it.
The theme installs a total of 7 .txt files that replace existing files for the left and right panels and the main start screen. I'm not sure if it backs those up before installing its own files, but you may be able to restore a previous version of those files manually via FTP. The 7 files are located at the following locations:


If there are previous versions of those files, they will be in the same folder but they will have a .number appended to them. If there is a previous version of a file, rename the current .txt version to .bak and then rename the .number version with the most recent file timestamp to remove the .number portion of the file name. You may need to clear the ocPortal cache after doing this. Any easy way to do it is go to Admin Zone->Tools->ocPortal Upgrader and login to the upgrader tool and then click the Clear Caches button.

Alternatively, if you go to Admin Zone->Content->Pages (Comcode Pages) and look in the Page Link column to find these pages:


If you have other zones you will also have some like (sitezone will be the name of the zone the page is located in):

sitezone: panel_left
sitezone: panel_right

For each of these, click the Edit link to open the page in the page editor. Preview the page to ensure it is one that is not displaying correctly, then scroll down to the very bottom of the web page to find the 'Revision History' box. From there you can click the restore button to restore the version you want, then preview it to be sure it is correct, and then you can save it.
That's a ton of help. Thanks!

Nice Fantasy! It looks great!

The faded grey background with nicely placed graphical accents  brings the visitor into the dream. Everything works together quite well I'd say.

Thanks for sharing, Harry!

Good one Harry!

It should encourage others to "Have a go …", but I'd recommend that the less confident ones should take this theme and work on it to suit themselves, especially if they think that changing an ocPortal default is too difficult.


Thanks Guys, I appreciate your words, give me the energy to continue!  :thumbs:


Great theme very nice ;)

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