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Booking by Chris Graham

Downloads: 508
Added: 27 March 2012
Rating: Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by psydocLiked by Guest)
Sophisticated booking system. Not yet fully finished for public use, but fully cohesive and suitable for some use cases.


Licensed on the same terms as ocPortal

Actually I think it's not far off from that as is. Of course it is designed to be more universal allowing booking of other things than just hotel rooms.  The functionality of the site you mentioned is already built into ocPortals booking system it is simply a matter of adjusting your templates and CSS to make it look more like the one you posted.

Perhaps the one missing component (can't remember right now cause I only played with it briefly) is the Availability checker. But it probably does that anyway I imagine since you can't double book resources.
I managed to book a fortnight in Malaysia before I realised I would be elsewhere and had to 'discontinue'.

They didn't seem to mind … !!


Guys I do appreciate perhaps oneday the booking system could be like this. :thumbs:

Melaka Hotel: The Emperor Hotel Malacca - Malacca Hotel Official Website
All it takes to have what you want is a thorough description of your needs and then to sponsor the project through the purchase of support credits.


My experience had been a guiding limosine taxi driver for an instant, now with ocportal change the way my life looking for revenue :$  :thumbs:

If there's anyone willing to travel in Malaysia, you may ask me on the condition when you arrive at the airport  :P

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