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Beta-countdown: May 30th - Comments

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Beta-countdown: May 30th

Posted 30 May 2006, 5:01 AM

Some minor changes have been made to the ocPortal backup system for version 3 that greatly increase its usability.

Now it's possible to monitor the progress of a backup, because a log is generated as the backup proceeds. This solves the big "is it actually proceeding, or has it failed?" problem that has faced users in the past, and really does make the backup very viable as the primary means of backing up your website (assuming you don't use things outside of the scope of ocPortal as a part of your website).

The other change is that you can now schedule backups to occur routinely, so that you may have some peace of mind that you won't lose all your data (assuming you actually download the backups rather than leaving them vulnerable to computer disaster).

Backups aren't the only thing that ocPortal can now schedule though. You can also schedule:

  • news publishing
  • newsletter sending

All this really helps you spend less time worrying about your website: just input data to your website, tell it when to make that active, and then you can move on to whatever else you need to do in your day. Personally I can say I hate having to schedule myself around things, prefering to get things over and done with so I can forget about them and move on: so these are features I really look forward to using myself.

I should point out that in order for scheduling features to work, ocPortal needs to be tied into the server's 'Cron' system: this is very simple however, and rarely requires any special server access.

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