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Beta-countdown: May 28th - Comments

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Beta-countdown: May 28th

Posted 27 May 2006, 12:38 PM

Today I'm going to very quickly run through some of the more minor features we've incorporated into version 3.

  • Catalogues may now include list fields
  • Catalogues may now specify default values for fields
  • Catalogues may now be seamlessly represented on the website (in other words, the visitor does not see that they are catalogues)
  • Catalogues may now each have their own look & feel
  • Audio files can now be included in galleries
  • There is a new 'recent catalogue entries' block
  • You can now set alternate usergroups that members may select as soon as they join your website; for example, on a football (soccer) community website, members could choose the team that they support as a usergroup and thus get access to a forum only available to supporters of that team
  • Users may now optionally store their FTP passwords so that the abstract file manager becomes invisible (not recommended for security reasons, but appropriate for websites under certain circumstances)
  • Many interfaces, such as results browsing (such as after performing a search, where you move between pages of results), now work via frames and thus are faster to use
  • A new error framework means that ocPortal will now crash in style if things go wrong, giving far more debug information even in the worst cases (they are not likely to, but it's inevitable there will be some bugs)
  • ocPortal can now scan for broken URLs
  • If ocPortal encounters problems on your website, such as broken URLs in Comcode, it will send out error e-mails to you
  • ocPortal can now cleanup orphaned uploaded files
  • Members may now only vote in site polls once, even if their IP address changes
  • Site polls may now have up to 10 different choices
  • The comments forum may now be made visible, as the topics in it are now given more human-friendly titles
  • The terminology of menus has been cleaned up, with the Comcode menu pages now being called 'panels' (previously we used the word 'menu' in two different contexts)
  • ocPortal standard features, such as validation, are now implemented far more consistently across the product
  • About 4 completely separate screens relating to logging have now all been merged into the new 'Action Log'
  • The menu editor has a brand new interface that is much more user-friendly
  • There are a whole load of new types of menu now available
  • The chat system now uses 'AJAX'
  • Staff may now better see where visitors are browsing on an ocPortal website
  • Menus may now have tooltips
  • There is now a calendar block
  • Many improvements have been made to the calendar interface
  • It is now much easier to choose images for news categories
  • The standards validators have been improved, and there is now a groundbreaking new Javascript validator
  • Authors may now be deleted
  • Comcode pages may now be organised into a tree structure
  • Comcode pages may now display the 'last edit' date
  • Templates have been reorganised, and many new parameters have been passed that aid in their customisation
  • There is now a rating block
  • Site maps may now be generated automatically
  • Tests have been performed to ensure ocPortal now works with MySQL 5
  • There is now support for 'COPPA' (a US child protection law)
  • Trackbacks may now be sent out to blogs when adding news (ocPortal previously introduced trackback support for most forms of content, but it was only one way)

As you can see, we've made a lot of very useful changes. And, it won't be long now until till you can try them all out!

If you'd like any more detail on any of these, ask and ye shall receive.

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