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Beta-countdown: May 24th - Comments

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Beta-countdown: May 24th

Posted 24 May 2006, 4:58 AM

We've created a brand-new system-wide previewing system for version 3, which will allow you to preview your data from within the editing interface:

The benefits of this previewing system are numerous:
  • far more things may now be previewed
  • forum post previews display the forum post as it would actually be viewed
  • you no longer need to click 'back' to make changes!
  • and, you get to see a cool little preview box appear as if by magic ;).

Unfortunately we can't rely on magic to make ocPortal function, so this feature is actually powered using a combination of Javascript and frames.

Our new previewing system is also tightly integrated with the validation system, meaning you can ask ocPortal to make sure your content meets all the necessary standards:

This is really useful for those trying to meet accessibility laws such as those that exist in the UK.

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