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Beta-countdown: May 22nd - Comments

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Beta-countdown: May 22nd

Posted 22 May 2006, 2:09 AM

The search system is one of the most complex areas of ocPortal, from a programming point of view, yet I've never really been happy with it until now. In version 3 we have made a number of major improvements to the search engine…

The search system will now automatically switch to boolean search mode when the fulltext search indexing is insufficient to handle the query

no more incorrect "no results found" messages!

Catalogues may now be searched on a per-field basis
better refine your search to make sure you only get the results you want

Members may now be searched on a per-custom-profile-field basis
Find those members that put 'chocolate' as one of their interests and arrange a meetup

Search results are better displayed for many content types
Get a better impression of what you are looking at as you scan through your results

The correct number of search results will always be shown, regardless of whether some results needed to be filtered due to access permissions
Accurate and reliable results

The search itself is far more efficient, creating more complex SQL queries that reduce the amount of work ocPortal needs to do (SQL is the language used to search the database)
The search result display is far more efficient, only rendering results that will actually be output (formerly, if the user was moved through the pages of results then all results prior to their current position would also be rendered)
don't stress over your server being stressed

The search results browser operates in its own little frame
browse pages of search results without the delay

More things can now be searched
make more of your content readily available to your members

I don't want to spoil the next blog post by saying what it's about, because this time the title would be so obvious no one would be left guessing ;). You'll have to wait and see, but I will say that it involves pretty colours and that it's going to be big!

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