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Beta-countdown: May 19th - Comments

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Beta-countdown: May 19th

Posted 19 May 2006, 2:49 PM
There's nothing more tedious than going through a whole load of pages to get to the edit screen for something that is already right infront of you. For this reason, we have used Javascript (including, 'AJAX') techniques in a number of areas to make it so a number of common things can be edited with far greater ease.

Theme images

To edit almost any theme image, you may now hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and click it: the theme image editor will then open on that image.

This is a huge improvement, because previously you would need to know, guess, or derive, the theme image code of an image in order to edit it.


To edit a zone, just hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and click the link to it.


To edit the title for almost any kind of ocPortal content, just hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt and click it. You will then be able to type in a new name over it.

You'll notice we've been consistant and used the same 'Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Click' combination for all of these special editing techniques. We chose this combination because it is the same combination that may be done in conjunction with the web browser refresh button in order to trigger ocPortal's caches to empty.

Media; Video of a so-called 'fractional edit' in action

Video of a so-called 'fractional edit' in action

Video; Quicktime version of the above

Quicktime version of the above

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