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Beta-countdown: May 13th - Comments

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Beta-countdown: May 13th

Posted 13 May 2006, 11:22 AM

Back when I was discussing with the team where we should take ocPortal for version 3 (as recently as January, I believe), I was struck by a proverbial lightening bolt: there was no way in ocPortal to 'see' the contents of an ocPortal site. In hindsight, this seems like a big omission, because whilst not providing any particular functionality, the ability to see the website structure makes it significantly easier to understand it. No other web systems (that I know of) have the kind of advanced structure ocPortal has, so no other systems would have such a need for visualisation as ocPortal has, and hence, very few systems do (Microsoft Frontpage is an example of one that does).

Our new Site Tree Editor is a central hub for viewing the complete structure of a website, down to the content-category level. It's powered by 'AJAX', meaning it has a sophisticated and responsive interface. The Site Tree Editor also serves to provide links and functionality for all forms of zone and page manipulation, which used to be strewn all over the administration menus. In short, it's a much easier method of managing all of your site's structure than we've ever seen before.

By the way, please do (continue to) give us feedback: I hope you'll realise we are a very self-critical team, and take what people tell us into account when we plan things out.

Coming next: learn how you'll be able to see how much quicker and easier we've been able to make zone editing for version 3.0.

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