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Beta-countdown: May 11th - Comments

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Beta-countdown: May 11th

Posted 11 May 2006, 2:25 PM

The newsletter has been had a large number of changes for version 3.0. One of the most widely requested features for ocPortal was support for multiple newsletters: well, now you have them :king:.

There is also support for:

  • sending out newsletters to individual usergroups
  • scheduling newsletters
  • sending out a newsletter preview e-mail to the person writing the newsletter, so they may make doubly sure it is correct
  • automatically creating a newsletter out of a news article

Being able to send out newsletters to usergroups is really helpful when running a role-based community; for example, for a community representing a band, the band leader might send out a newsletter to all the singers that there will be vocal training on a certain date.

Being able to schedule newsletters is particularly important for corporate websites that wish to send out company news at an exact date, without having to waste resources making sure someone is waiting until the correct time to release it.

Tomorrow we'll be releasing information about a really cool new system Philip has been working hard on for almost a year now. It's kind of a 'back to the future thing', and we've already given out a clue to it.

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