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Beta-countdown: May 10th - Comments

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Beta-countdown: May 10th

Posted 10 May 2006, 11:35 AM

Is 'SEEDY' a bad name for a major system in a commercial application? Apparently so because we've (partially prompted by feedback) decided to rename it to something with a bit more class: CEDI :lol:.

SEEDY/CEDI has been given a major overhaul for version 3, and now has options to behave much more like a wiki. For those that don't know what a wiki is, I would suggest reading all about them on wikipedia. We actually came up with the idea of what would become 'SEEDY' about 4 years ago if I remember correctly - long before I had actually knowingly used a wiki system. I don't say that to claim I invented wikis, but rather to make the point that these similar systems developed completely independantly and hence have had different feature sets and philosophies. With the success of wikis, made well-known by the fantastic Wikipedia, making ocPortal be able to behave as one was an obvious and important thing to do.

Some things SEEDY and wiki had in common:

  • collaborative
  • open
  • multi-page database
  • hypertext
  • a special markup language
  • encyclopaedic

However, SEEDY was designed to be more organised structurally:
  • hierarchical
  • page creation by staff only

SEEDY was also designed to be less organised in terms of the composition of pages:
  • pages consisted of posts
  • posts could only be edited by the poster or staff
In this sense, SEEDY behaved more like a forum.

I think there are good arguments for both constructions. SEEDY was about high-level organisation and control, but with the ability for everyone to equally add to the system, with new data then organised by the staff. Hence SEEDY was less trusting but more structured and secure - a perfect compromise for companies, but less-ideal for a more democratic environment.

This changes with version 3.0 of ocPortal, where CEDI can now:
  • have pages where the posts behave more like a wiki 'talk page'
  • have fully flexible permissions, such that full wiki-style trusted adding and editing is optionally allowed
  • do basic reverting
  • do wiki-style page links, via an improvement to Comcode
  • do wiki-style dynamic page creation (creation upon reference)
  • have non-hierarchical databases

The wiki-style page links are particularly interesting because they draw the rest of ocPortal closer to CEDI, with CEDI acting as a kind of database that can be referenced very easily via the necessary Comcode syntax.

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