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Announcing ocSterling, the evolution of ocPortal points - Comments

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Announcing ocSterling, the evolution of ocPortal points

Posted 31 March 2014, 11:59 PM

We have observed the recent successes and failures of bitcoin with great interest. Our analysts have been working hard and found a way to leverage the power of ocPortal points, combined with bitcoin technology, to create a fully regulated online digital currency. Imagine the benefits of a true digital currency, under the dependable control of OCP, with full anti-fraud regulation.

We call this technology, ocSterling…

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Do we . . .

. . . get to convert our existing points here at ocPortal into this new leetishish currency? I hope so! If ocSterling goes the way of bitcoin, I'll be able to build a nationwide chain of pizza joints to feed my insatiable pizza habit. Of course I will only accept ocSterling and beer, the two official currencies of SoccerDad's Party Pizza Palace and Disco Emporium. I'll also give away a copy of ocPortal with every 10 pizzas purchased, personally autographed by Chris Graham himself!

Mmm, my own brewery located on my own island: SoccerDadIslandVille.

Yeah, let's get this project moving. Guess I need to buy an iPhone now though. Does Apple accept ocSterling . . . or beer?  ;)


I wanted to comment in like vein - but there are so many gotcha's that it would take me far too long, and since there are only 24 hours today, it would become a 'belated' response!

However, your trite reference to the city of Cheltenham being "… the UK's most data-connected city …" caused a chuckle here, but I wonder if you won't come under the magnifying glass for choosing a 'trigger' word …!?!


Although this sounds like the April Fools' Day joke the date of submitting is telling different. The topic was created a day before ;)

I wish all the best!

4) We are setting up a new website,

For God's sake, change the domain name!!

There were many examples of sites' (and brands') failures because of similar names.

Between this and Dogecoin it looks like the world's economy is in safe hands….

Wow. Where do I sign up? :)

Speaking of cryptocoins.

Be sure that we are also currently in development of linking the point system with crypto… but instead of bitcoin we are doing 1 for 1 rewards in our own scryptCoin, HEX. For now we will even do the exchange manually if needed. New wallet launches tonight.
BTW… that domain is not even purchased yet. neither is ocSterling dot anything. SO, the above official announcement may be a joke, our intentions are not. Please register now. But understand that we are in BETA stages as far as the point system for HEX goes. THNX

Awesome! :thumbs:

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