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A Christmas project - decoding a sophisticated trojan attack - Comments

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A Christmas project - decoding a sophisticated trojan attack

Posted 27 December 2014, 7:12 PM

One of our users reported their site was not working properly, so I looked into this as a bug report. What I found was really quite fascinating so I thought I'd share the story.

A trojan had infected their server and was causing the problems. It affected PHP code, but was not a specific attack against ocPortal – all PHP code on the server was infected, not just ocPortal's. So we have no reason to…

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Thanks for the report Chris.

Speaking of "Be a bit paranoid", you might want to keep an eye on the traffic to the IP you were testing with as you have just announced your presence to "them" and "they" might try and re-establish contact through that IP.
Dynamic IP, firewalled at router, no servers running, NAT.
Ahh, the paranoia is strong with this one ;).

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