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ocPortal 8.1 Accessibility Configuration

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The best CMS just keeps getting better

Hi Chris,
Well every once in a while I tear my and my wife's site, Chip & Tracy's Place down and basically start over from scratch.  Well the release of 8.1 gave me all the excuse I needed to do so.  I have to tell you that I'm very impressed with not only the stability and new features of 8.1, but the new Accessibility configuration section is absolutely awesome.  Allowing pop ups for such things as the dynamic block assistant, setting the uploaded default to the simple up loader, disabling the WYSIWYG editor by default, and disabling the Javascript/AJAX-powered category selections are all great options for those of us using screen readers and I can't tell you how much I thank you.  
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Item has a rating of 5 (Liked by Harry-S)  

Thanks so much for your feedback! We love it when we're able to make a positive difference in people's lives.

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