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MOD: Poll Awnser Results view

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#2531 (In Topic #552)

Fan in action

MOD: Poll Awnser Results view

This modification changes how the poll is displayed in ocPortal 2.

What this mod/template changes is that now the number of votes the answer got is displayed next to the answer itself, and below that the image bar is displayed.

This will/should reduce the ammount of 'gap' there is between the poll and iotd blocks. (the poll box, by default, always seems alot "taller" than the iotd)

Here's a picture of the modification:

Simply upload the template to your theme's template_custom folder. If you want to use it for all your themes then upload it to templates_custom for the default theme :)

Chances are you'll need to rebuild the template cache. You can do this by using the 'caches' link in your admin center then check the last box ('template cache') and finally select 'rebuild caches' :)

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