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#12222 (In Topic #3100)

Fan in training

I was quite frustrated, so i made my way
The thing is that almost the whole of my images come from the download galleries, since I have a download-videos based portal, and the previews are fundamental, while about other galleries, I have just 1 or 2. I suppose not to be the only one.

So here we go: the php file to change is images.php located in pages/modules
I can't tell u the line number, but it's all about the function list_galleries(), the line to remove (or better to comment is


if (substr($myrow['name'],0,9)=='download_') continue;)
. However u can find the file already modfied HERE

I'm not quite sure to have the rights to modify the 'hackedby' value, for it's such a small modify… :P  but, well, let me have my 10 seconds of coolness  :cool:

ps: I've tried attaching the file, but it tells me too many attached files  O_o
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Fan in training

can't edit the previous post: it keeps telling me "flood control: wait 2 seconds"

CORRECT LINK to modified images.php file

hope the problem hadn't already been solved ;)
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