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how to give points AFTER convalidating a resource

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#12304 (In Topic #3113)

Fan in training

Here is how to avoid to give points before convalidating a resource

This is ideal if you have a lot of interesting downloads (which all cost some points) on your ocPortal and users may want to download everything.
To do this, they can submit one or more downloads, since it's the most rewarding resource (but this is applicable to all the submittable rewarding resources, such as images, news..), uploading unuseful things, or, even worse, empty files.
We know that we can't monitor every second of our portal's life, so in the lapse of time between the submission and the invalidation, a user can download all he wants, thanks to the points illegally earned.

Actually this is not the only way to bypass the points' system, since creating multiple accounts is not too difficult (imho, I would be pleased if a user did :lol: ), but we will patch at least this.


Inside the rar archive there are downloads.php and images.php modded, which are to be uploaded to '/pages/modules/', overwriting the existing ones.

If you'd like to edit by yourself, the only function involved is give_submit_points('ADD_something'); (e.g.: in downloads.php it's "give_submit_points('ADD_DOWNLOAD');" ) which has to be eliminated.
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