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Show number of comments in news block

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#4598 (In Topic #942)

Fan in training

Show number of comments in news block

Just a quick hack job. This will give you a COMMENTS value to place in your news template, to show the number of comments.

It actually grabs all the data of the comments instead of counting them. So it does create a bit of overhead, but this was really the only way to do it without modifying the source for every forum module. (Add a count_topic_posts() function and it would be a snap)

I just attached a diff of my sources/blocks/main_news.php to the one in ocP 2.1, you'll have to edit the template files yourself, just add {COMMENTS} where you want it to appear.

(file renamed to .diff.txt so that I am allowed upload.)

» Download: main_news.php.diff.txt (1.28 Kb, 1085 downloads so far)
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