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Hide Left and/or Right Menu(s) in Galleries

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#1828 (In Topic #420)

Fan in action

Hide Left and/or Right Menu(s) in Galleries

Ok, I don't have a download for this one (not yet anyways) But I was creating a gallery for a guild im in… anyways…

I modified the view.php file alot to get it to look more like I want it :)

The new version I made looked wierd with both left and right menus gone.. I tried to center the whole thing but the comments would get centered too and couldn't figgure out how to make it just right so I figgured out a quick fix :lol:

*notices everyone looking like this guy =>  :huh:  :huh: *


Ok, First, Backup these files:

  • In 'view.php' look for the word 'wide' and replace it with 'wide2' I believe there are 2 of them at the bottom of the document.
  • In 'images.php' look for 'wide' and replace it with 'wide2', it's only mentioned once I believe in this one…
  • In 'index.php' look for 'function do_right' replace the '$_GET['wide']' with '$_GET['wide2']'
Upload both view.php and images.php in your folder.
Upload the index.php in your main folder.

Final Result

Please keep in mind I modified view.php more than mentioned here so it won't exactly look like that but as you can see, only the left menu appears.

If you want menu_left.php to be hidden, "simply" (:rolleyes:) modify 'index.php' at the 'do_left' fuction and NOT the 'do_right' fuction. If you don't want both sides to show, then this modifications is definitley not for you :P :lol: :)

ocProducts :wub: :wub:

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