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Getting an image from your theme's folder

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Getting an image from your theme's folder

If you want to use different images based on your theme for your website, here's how…

1) For every PHP "block", you'll have to add a variable…

Originally posted by anything between <?php ?> is a block…
if ($tired=true) { echo "Go to bed!"; }


Anyways, add these variables to the blocks you want to use a "special" image…


This will replace $theme with the theme folder the person is using (defined by map.ini if you have multiple skins tied to your forum)

Now to get the image. Remember to follow the php rules (i.e echo "blah";) stuff…

<IMG SRC='{$base_url}/themes/{$theme}/filename.type'>

It's always good to use base_url, it's your website's location.. from there the code will go to the themes directory and then will replace $theme by the foldername of the theme you're using. It then grabs the filename you specify. :)

So, in turn, you can do something like this:

It's best that the filename is the same in the same theme folders, if its not then you'll run into a broken image problem….

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