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Theme for mobile devices

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#62202 (In Topic #13545)


I am looking for a theme for mobile devices


I just wonder if there is a theme available for mobile devices like iPhone etc.

I would like to make my ocPortal website available to those devices as well.

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Community saint


Did you know that ocPortal already works for those devices without a theme change?

At least my site does, where I have several members using different cell phones who browse and interact with my site, even posting, through their cell phone. I have seen Symbian, iPhone, and Android being used on the site with no issue.

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Fan in training

I didn't think that this was a very good answer for the question asked.

Yes I can see that the ocPortal theme works on a mobile device but it is largely a pain to navigate because everything must be forced into a small viewable area. There is too much zooming, panning and scrolling for this to be easy for phone and portable device users.

It would be a good idea to have some kind of mobile device detection built into ocPortal for this specific purpose. All other CMS based systems (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal) seem to have this feature but we do not have it in ocPortal.

It would be very nice to have an automatic browser detection function to redirect mobile users to a secondary mobile theme.
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I think the software you listed may have addons for it, written by third parties, but I doubt it is there as an official feature. It's the same situation here really, if something isn't included then someone needs to start the ball rolling by creating or commissioning an addon.
That said, it is possible in ocPortal to detect mobiles in templates, although not well tested with the various different phones out there. You can do:


Mobile code
Non-mobile code

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