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Fan in action

Editing backgrounds

Hi all, Im trying in vain to get rid of this white wash overlay.
I know I'm probably just not seeing it, and I'm not well, so forgive me if I'm being stooopid...
Is it an image or CSS? I'm assuming its pure css, but like I say I just can't focus at the moment...
Thanks in advance guys and gals...

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Community saint

Hi Roy,

You are having a bit of difficulty here because ocportal is making some magic with a css beta property code. Look at the global.css lines referenced on these images below and you will be able to modify the source colors to your liking. This code depends on browser support for a css beta property applied to two area color backgrounds. Note that these background colors are used extensively across the global.css file, so other changes might take place when you modify the colors. Alternatively, you could remove the beta property and create your own linear gradients, but you will have to use the proper vendor prefixes to make this Cross-Browser friendly. ocPortal simplifies the process like magic.

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