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#72601 (In Topic #15231)

Fan in training

Hi I am new here and first of all I would like to thank everyone out there who made OCPortal and especially for people who can not buy such a system and ofcourse the great community who are so nice to take their time and help others like me. For me it got all the features I really wanted and even tons of more features :).

I got a few questions about theming:

- How can I change text colours of a table or for the whole layout? (I could not find it in the global css)

- I got a nice slideshow that I would like to have beneath the banner but it works with javascript. Do you perhaps      know how to put that in the website ?

-Does the OcPortal has such a menu built what you can select because I actualy like the menu how it is now but it would be nice if it could go transparent. I have one menu with css but and it works with css but I have no idea how I can put it in the site.

- When you enter the site. The news section has a nice background but when you click on read more then the background dissapears and then you cant see the text because of the black wallpaper that I have for the site. How can I put the same background for this, like the news section ?

Those are the only few things I really would like to cause I am really stuck here. Hope that you guys can help me, I am such a noob at this :(.
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more likely you'll get at least some answers if you post questions separately

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Community saint

Virtuous said

I got a few questions about theming …..

Happy to try to help out but, as Chris said, try and ask each question in a single topic.

Trying to get to the specific area of concern as far as colour changes/text colours are concerned couldn't be easier in ocPortal if you use the 'Context Editing Tool' that appears in the footer of an ocPortal instal.

You may also consider using the Firebug add-on for Firefox.

Those should get you started.

It would help if you could provide a URL so that we could look at what you've achieved so far. Don't worry if you don't consider it 'finished'. We've all been there. Changing stuff is an ongoing task, and some of us haven't stopped changing things on our sites.

Welcome aboard.


Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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