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#107181 (In Topic #20893)

Fan in training

As some of you may have heard from the various news sites, Indiana is sort of front and center within the news for a controversial bill passed in my state.

This is just the caboose of a long train of bills that have failed Hoosiers in some way and are starting to upset at least some of us. I'm creating a website for a non-profit political activist group. I need help in doing that, I'm not good with CSS or HTML and would very much appreciate someone's help.

The overarching "theme" of the website is Moving Indiana Foward (matches the name too). I'm not asking anyone to state their support or non-support of our goals. I would very much, however, like help in building a theme. 

I don't have much money up front. But I will be willing to sign a contract promising:

1) To promote the web developer's company in a special section of the website (donators/supporters).

2) Should we get to the point where donations reach $1000/month or more, you will receive a check for $1500 for your past work and from that point forward you will be our first choice for any other paid work. 

3) As a supporter you would be invited to any events and any events with some sort of fee would be waived.

Obviously this is fledgling movement and it may not go anywhere. The last thing I can offer is that you'd retain your right to use us as a portfolio and while a condition of this service is that you not directly replicate our website while we are in existence, if we go you will be passed all rights to all the materials you created for us.

What we are needing is:

1) A website theme
2) A logo
3) A one-time free assistance to port over to Composr CMS when it comes up, initial version only. All other conversions would be paid.

We are asking for professional work and I realize not offering much in return at this point. But as stated above if you help out here you will be our first go to person and as a political movement there will always be a need for graphics and whathaveyou. You would be paid for these beyond the initial setup.

This is all I can truly offer, I sincerely hope someone will take me up on this offer.
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