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Need help changing colors

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#93440 (In Topic #18684)

Fan in training

Okay.. so I am fairly new to this and I'm definitely not a professional ;) I got my site to look the way I want it, however for all of the boxes like the News, Shoutbox, Error Messages, Statistics, Anything that is a Comcode to add on my pages they all end up having a very thin black and white stripe in the background. I have tried multiple times to change background colors but can't seem to figure out which css code it is to fix this problem.
If anyone can please help me. If you cant quite understand what I'm trying to say visit the my site:
If you click on JOIN EKS - you will see the stripes.. almost reminds you of pinstripe, or zebra striping. All I want is for it to have a black background so text can be visible.

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Community saint

Hi Samantha Lynn, and welcome to this forum!

I've visited your site with different browsers and have not seen the "white stripes in the background" mentioned in your post.  Have you seen these while visiting as a guest on your site?

I'm asking, because I recall seeing similar lines across some blocks in a few sites I've been theming while logged-in as an administrator. At the time some of my blocks were out of bound with the spacing on my pages. These stripes were not visible by visitors. This is just a reflection of something that may not be the case with your site. Can you post an image perhaps. This may help to identify your problem.

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Community saint

Welcome aboard Samantha.

Like Jean, I visited your page and even looked at the JOIN EKS page, but couldn't see any 'striping'. Perhaps you've sorted the problem already, and if you have, please say here what you did to fix the issue and mark the first post as RESOLVED so that other user's can find the solution in future.

If you haven't resolved the issue, I can recommend a 'down-and-dirty' fix:
  • find 'block-background.png' in your theme images folder
  • build a 'blank' (transparent) image of the same size (5x5 pixels) and give it the same name
  • save the new image in your custom theme 'images_custom' folder

You're done!

Does that help?


Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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