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making a user-added event calendar

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Fan in training

I just installed.
I'm hoping to make a user-generated event calendar,
just forms (for guests) whose content adds to a database, which content is then displayed on my website (in one of several different displays/tables, determined by which form the guest used.)
Also, I'd like to embed those forms and displays/tables in webpages of my own design.
All without knowing pHp. I do have Dreamweaver.
Have I come to the right place? the right CMS?
Can someone point me in the right direction, here or elsewhere?

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Community saint

I think a clearer understanding of what you're trying to accomplish would make for a more accurate response but I am pretty confident you are in the right place in terms of a CMS that will handle what you are looking for the easiest.

Now when i say easiest I don't mean the CMS itself is the easiest to learn but the powwer that is built into it will likely make want you want to accomplish very easy in comparison to any other CMS once you learn how to use it.

Just get started build some catalogues and before you know it you'll start getting how it works and Dreamweaver will stay closed most of the time.
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