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Fan in training

login page background

Hi all,

Sorry is this is really simple and im just being stupid - I have beening using ocPortal for about a week now and have been using the standard theme creator wizard. I have decided on a dark theme with 'light' silver / gray menus.

The problem I am encountering is, although I am using a 'dark theme' the login page background displays white but the text and image are 'for a dark theme' (ie text is white and image is black / dark), how do I get the background to go black?

I have looked through global.css and havn't been able to find the correct part - I have modified the login css to display a black background but this is within a div itself so I have a white square around it + doing this 'covers' the image to the left.

I believe the offender is: "page_running_login" but I cant seem to find it :dry:

If anyone has any ideas it would be REALLY helpful!



I have found the issue now - the background image was specifying the background colour as well - for anyone else getting this issue you need to change:


.top_level_wrap_fixed .global_middle {
background: white url('{$IMG,background_image}') no-repeat 20px 44px;


.top_level_wrap_fixed .global_middle {
background: [what ever colour you want] url('{$IMG,background_image}') no-repeat 20px 44px;

Thanks everyone for Reading :)


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