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How to turn off thumbnail image fade in 9.0.5

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#95404 (In Topic #18986)

Fan in action

Looking for how to turn off thumbnail image fade in version 9.0.5

I have a site that I am setting up with 9.0.5.

I am looking for instructions on how to turn off the thumbnail image fade feature. That might be great for some people but I work hard to get clear, sharp, in-focus pictures and do not want them diffused, even at the thumbnail level.

I had found an earlier thread from I think 2011 (that I currently can't find again using search) that referred to selecting a setting in Setup>Configuration>Theme but I do not see it in the 8 entries that I have available on that page.

I also saw a thread (I think it was from back in 2007) where Chris referenced editing the IMG_THUMB.tpl file. I played with that a little but if that is where I need to do it, I did not get it right.

It seems that this should be an option that can be selected/de-selected but I have not been able to find it after hours of looking.

I am hoping that like so many other aspects of OCPortal, once I get pointed into the right area it really is quite simple but on this one I have a blind spot or something and have been beating my head against the wall trying to find where it is set.

I would be very appreciative if someone can provide instructions on this for version 9.0.5.
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Now done via CSS3. global.css in your theme, remove


.img_thumb { /* Membership of this class is used as a tag to turn on the thumbnail blend effect */
   {$BETA_CSS_PROPERTY,opacity: 0.7;}
.img_thumb:hover {
   {$BETA_CSS_PROPERTY,opacity: 1.0;}
   {$BETA_CSS_PROPERTY,transition: opacity 0.2s linear !important;}

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Fan in action

Thanks Chris. I really appreciate your knowledge, helpfulness and promptness.
(It seems like you are always here. You do have a life outside of ocPortal right?  ;)  )

Removing that code from the global.css did the trick!

Again, thanks!
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Community saint

iamageneralist said

(It seems like you are always here. You do have a life outside of ocPortal right?  ;)  )

There was a short discussion on that a while back. :)

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