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help: embedding forumcontent in new site

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#103925 (In Topic #20316)

Fan in training

hey everyone,

i want to embed the OCF_FORUM_TOPIC_ROW content in a new site. I tried to copy the code and insert it into the page but i get those errors. I guess i need to import the parameters, but how? Or any other advice?

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Community saint

What has happened there is the template code you used is from a template that belongs to another block or module. The block or module is what passes the parameters to the template. Those parameters are giving you errors because they aren't being passed by the block or module that is parsing your template. If you are trying to integrate forum content in other areas of your site, check out the forum related blocks that are already available in the Block Construction Assistant. In particular, check the Main Blocks, Miscellaneous and Side Blocks, Miscellaneous sections for forum related blocks.
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