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Moving forward with Composr

ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

Head over to for our new site, and to our migration roadmap. Existing ocPortal member accounts have been mirrored.

Friend of mine helping me make skins.

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#24086 (In Topic #5765)

Community saint

 (Me)Are you going to need ftp. I started also making a pink skin.

(My friend)
Yeah I will need FTP access at some point.. There is no other way to upload images unless I missed it..

 I had a quick look thru the CSS files yesterday.. Damn they are confusing!!

I really think they should simplify it, cos  think that is what is killing ocportal off.. its too hard to mess with..

I might try and rewrite the CSS into a more managable file before I start making anything..
(me) Ya I can not disagree. I am trying to help them so that things get better. I am learning a lot from it though.

I run and am hopping to make themes and other things for ocportal even though I no longer use it for I still love it and feel it could go far with the right help. It needs themes and needs people to advertise for it.
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I'm afraid that's what you'll get with any CSS-styled large web application like ocPortal, and there's not much we can do to alleviate the problem.

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