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#56036 (In Topic #12173)

Community saint

Could add Style to some Community Sites

Flash Intro (Please click on the picture to see the movie)

If a web site caters to people who are either ready to wait for the intro to load or are on high bandwidth connections, should we consider a Flash intro especially if it can portray a community's objectives better than a static page. For example, if it is about gaming, visitors might definitely expect to see some Flash on a homepage. In such cases, can Flash intros really serve as elegant presentations to an intended audience? Can they add a bit of style to an otherwise cluttered "cms" when there's so much information needed on the front page and no time for stylistic creativity, and all it would take is just one intro page?

Obviously Flash is not for every site, especially when visitors come to get information and leave before all graphics rendering are over, while leaving an occasional empty can of soda and a lingering smell of burning rubber in the otherwise empty halls of a community site.

In this example, I wanted to demonstrate how efficient a Flash intro could be in pulling together a project involving two ocPortal websites and their respective "themeing" tutorials onto one very dynamic scene.
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Fan in action

Wow. That's Great idea.
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