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ocPortal has been relaunched as Composr CMS. ocPortal 9 is superseded by Composr 10.

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#60771 (In Topic #13204)

Non-joined user

What I'm trying to do is to edit the top menu of ocPortal (menu that says Site, Forum, Personal, Admin ect..), but as of right now I haven't been able to find what im looking for.

Also from time to time (not every time, but every now and then) I get:

An image code () was referenced that does not exist

and was woundering if there is anyway I can find out what image doesn't exist.

(tried doing some searches, but dont know exactly what im looking for)

Note: I tried to register for THIS site, and everytime I click the join link i get a page cannot be displayed, I've noticed that you all are working on restoring the site, not sure if you knew about this or not.
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Community saint

1. Top Menu
Admin Zone > Setup > Configuration > Theme options
Checkmark "Replace the zone menu" and save. From there, you'll get a link at the end of the menu for which you can click and change those links to whatever you want.
2. An image code () was referenced that does not exist
Are you using the "Icon Pack" add-on? You might have to manually add images, if so. Can help if this is the case.

Eric DeMars . com
My electronic portfolio and personal site. Uses ocPortal!
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