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Using a Main Block in the Side Panel

When you use the "BLOCK MAIN FACEBOOK FACEPILE" block, it will defalut to a width of 300px.
If your side panel is lower that the 300px you will see the text cut off.
To fix this you need to change the Panel width to 200px or more in the Global CSS. I have mine set at 250px.

Then in the "BLOCK_MAIN_FACEBOOK_FACEPILE.tpl" add to your code the following depending on what you want:
1) data-width="xxx" (Enter between 200px to the maximum of 300px.)
2) data-max-rows="xx" (Enter the maximum # of rows you want)
3) data-size="xxxxxxxx" (Small, medium or Large, This is for the user profile image)
4) data-show-count="xxxx" (true or false, This will show the # of facebook members)

Robert W.

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