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editing the layout

I'm working to edit my theme and for reasons of layout I would like to put everything (Header, side blocks, body) in a table. What I want to do is having a background behind the body that is different from the background in the margins. Does anybody know how to realize my idea? Any suggestion?
Thank you so much!
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Well, since no one else has chimed in, I'll undertake the duty. OCPortal does not work that way. It calls each element of the page output in a discrete, granular fashion from discrete template files, with the caveat that some files call other templates in a chain reaction.
So there is no overall "page" in which you can store a page structure and pull in the data that you wish, as we all learned to do in school. Instead, you must take your desired page structure and map the OCPortal template files to the different parts.
Unfortunately, even though there is a good way to view and edit the page templates (the side login block with the dropdown selector and the View button), the templates are in OCProduct's Tempcode, and there isn't any visual display of the template that you're editing. So you need at least a moderate level of understanding of OCPortal's operation to even get started.
Don't feel bad, I'm struggling up the same hill at this time. I have a very nice XHTML/CSS template, have isolated one part that matches an OCPortal template perfectly (in function), and am struggling to port it in at this time. Once I do, I expect that the process will go faster.
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