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Community saint

My discovery of the day

Greetings fellow ocPortal lovers,

I realize that this might be old news to some of the more talented ocP gurus out there, but heck maybe it will come to some use to somebody, at least for now eh?

Well I was poking around in the admin zone of my site today, thinking about how I wish I could edit the status page.. you know, the first page you see in the admin zone. Well while I was making that wish, lo and behold by eyes magically darted to something at the bottom that read… "Edit this page".

"Wha? Could it be true?" I asked myself as I picked my self up off the floor, having been blown away by this very obvious discovery. It was then that I had a sudden flashback of a memory from a not to distant past… of my trips through the tombs of block editing, of that one mysterious door that read "Admin Zone".

So, with keyboard in hand, I ran over to that door, and with a deep breath to steady my nerves, slowly opened the door. What was there to great me was beyond what even I could imagine…. the tools to edit the admin zone status page.

Taking these tools in hand, I immediately put my skills to the test. "Would I succeed?" I wondered allowed as I fought the stubborn block beasts and cracked the mysterious hieroglyphs. For what seemed like an eternity I worked, taking each piece one at a time, taming each beast, and defeating those who could not, or would not be tamed, until finally, at long last I had done it. I had edited the admin zone status page.

I hope this is helpful news to some. I think it is as I was able to make my admin zone status page fit me.I seriously never knew this page could be edited. I should have guessed since ocPortal is so versitle. I leaves me wondering, what else can I bend to my will….

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Community saint

Always great fun to read you mythus!
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