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Theme discussion

Friends i am creating this topic in hopes that you will provide some feedback and other input about theme and theme design. Please answer the following questions with your site in mind.

What type of color scheme do you like ? Light or Dark
Do you use the fixed width setting for your site ?
What features would you like implemented in a theme ? 
Are you a graphics fan or no (A lot of images in a theme) ?
What type of Menu do you like ? Side navigation, top navigation (sticky vs static)
Do your visitors find you more on the mobile or desktop/laptop ?
What do you think is the most important part of any website ?

Also, without spamming do you have any particular site layout you would love to see ported to work with ocPortal/Composr ?

I know my timing is pretty awful with a new version coming out soon but this information will help with any version. 

Also if you have a theme you would like ported to work with ocP/Comp you may PM me a link to the files. Do not link to any files in the main forum area as i do not want just anyone downloading your files.

Thank you for your time and please know i do appreciate it. 

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Driven by imagination.
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Community saint

  1. Either, would be nice to have a range of colours for a member to select as well.
  2. Yes.
  3. Not sure to be honest, but some options are always useful whatever they end up being.
  4. Not especially if they're not needed, but yes if they are helpful indicators.
  5. They all have their uses. V10 menu system has been completely overhauled and the top menu is certainly the most useful in v10.
  6. Desktop.
  7. Content.
  8. Not sure offhand, but probably. I will PM you my demands as soon as I have decided what they are :)
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I like fixed width as well KingBast. It just looks a lot neater to me. When i went to Graphics Design school my teacher said i had an issue with needing everything straight and inline. I was an electrician for over 20 years and everything had to be straight so it is pleasing to keep everything inline, squared and neat.. LOL

Driven by imagination.
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