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Comcode, block an URL parameter wide=1

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#99964 (In Topic #19624)

Fan in training

delete URL parameter wide=1 from URL

I am using the default theme.

My question is how toke take out the URL parameter wide=1 from the URL on the link from the IOTD and from the Viewing image block.

For example:
Block IOTD

Original link
i understood that taking out wide=1 bot, left and right block will be displayed.

The same happen In the block main_multi_content wth image. the first one as thumbnail is without wide-1 but than when i click in the next image it call viewing image with the parameter wide=1
as example below.

Thank you for your precious help
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There's no way to remove this right now without custom code. Fortunately it's not too hard.

Make a sources_custom/hooks/systems/startup/dewide.php file:


<?php /*

 Copyright (c) ocProducts, 2004-2013

 See text/EN/licence.txt for full licencing information.


 * @license Common Public Attribution License
 * @copyright   ocProducts Ltd

class Hook_startup_dewide
   function run()

I think in v10 we'll remove the automatic 'wide' for galleries/IOTDs. As you've found, it is hard to make it work consistently, and I think consistent and simpler defaults would be better.

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