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Changing forum buttons

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#92988 (In Topic #18620)

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A way of changing back ground colour of buttons


Is there a way in version 9 to just change the back ground colour of the forum buttons, instead of manually having to create them all, or replacing with your own individual ones etc.

I would just like to darken the buttons a little maybe

Thanks in advance for any help

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Community saint

I am investigating this, too, but I think you will need to get the original PSDs from the developers (there is a link somewhere, but I'm sure you are just as capable of finding it, as me looking for it for you!), and template a blank button and then copy/paste the contents of each button to the new template.

Worth the effort if you want to present a series of buttons that please you personally, and are unique to your site.

The only 'batch' change I am able to apply is contained in my Core Button Magic -, if you haven't already taken a look.

Good luck.


Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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Community saint

There is no way to get the theme wizard to be that specific.

I needed to do something similar. I wanted to tweak the button colours without affecting the rest of the site, so what I did was create a new theme and used the theme wizard until the button colours were just right (ignoring what else it was doing to the site). I then copied just the buttons from the new theme to my real theme and deleted the new theme.

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