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#105409 (In Topic #20556)

Fan in action

I want to limit the number of posts

Hi all. I've reached important goals with regard to customizing ocp. I've written several minimodules for my new site with no problems. I'm stuck on an issue, though. I want to work on Cedi/Wiki+ now. I want to force Wiki+ to only display one entry. And I want to theme it with something that looks like a piece of paper, so that when you view a Wiki+ entry, it will look like the page of a book. I can do the theming part, but I'm not yet able to locate the control that LIMITs the Wiki+ posts to one single post. So, when you go to you see a long list of articles. I want to limit it to one single post (probably the most recent). By default, several Wiki+ articles scroll down the screen. I have looked at the template code, but the limiter is not there.

Where is the limiter for the number of Wiki+ posts on the entry/default Wiki+ page?

This is where it all happens, in WIKI_PAGE_SCREEN.tpl


<div class="wide_table_wrap"><div summary="{!MAP_TABLE}" class="results_table wide_table ocf_topic wiki_table">

Right there at {POSTS} is where ALL of the Wiki posts are posted. But there must be a way to itterate over all of the individual posts kept inside of {POSTS}, or a config setting to limit the number of Wiki posts to one post, not all posts. I want to do that because I want to display them with div's that make it look like a book. And, I don't want to change a tempcode module that causes all other sorts of posts to be upset, like forum posts or catalog posts.

Any ideas?

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Hi Malatesa!

I've no idea whether this would do the job, but have you experimented with adding a :first child variant rule to your CSS for either or both of  the individual results_table wide_table ocf_topic wiki_table  classes and concatenating those - either instead of what's given, or in addition to it (at a guess, as an attribute of the innermost div element) - anyhow, juggling the rules roughly along those lines?
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