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9.x.x - IE (non)-gradient support

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Still working on 'merging' version 9.0.2 into an acceptable upgrade for my current 8.1.4 site. I am still working my way through the heavy 'changes' that have taken place with the release of version 9, but I am slowly getting to a point where any further delay will appear more like procrastination than action - or lack of it!

In the course of tweaking the new version, it is patently clear that IE continues to cause display problems due to its inability to embrace several of the new standards of CSS3 and HTML5 - not all, but several. One such weakness is that IE9 doesn't recognise CSS3 'gradients'. And since ocPortal version 9.x.x has many areas in which images have been replace by CSS gradients, it is disturbing to see the differences in display when the site is viewed in IE compared to the other browsers.

One example follows, in which I've partially overcome the problem, and it might be of use to others who are pulling out what is left of their sparse hair growth:

I cobbled together the 'solution', so that it could be used in ocPortal, by referencing some well-researched developers who have access to the pre-release IE10, and who have attempted to introduce 'hacks', similar to what used to occur during the bad old days of IE6.

It is a partial solution since the gradient background refuses to honour the 'border-radius' call but, in my case, I can live with it for now until I can find a way to rectify the display, or see if the release of IE10 resolves the problem, whichever is the sooner!



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Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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