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Community saint

The solution is probably so obvious that I may have to resort to a 'Rock-Ape' moment, but I've already slapped off a lot of grey hair from my forehead already, and I don't appear to be any closer to finding the answer.

Probably a 'templateing' thingy, but all helpful responses are welcome …


Cracked it …!!

It was 'simple' in the end. I took a lesson from a standard ocPortal Admin page layout and looked VERY closely at the code used, and then adapted mine to …


[title="1"]User's Choice[/title]
{| 70%:27% wide floats
| [semihtml][box]<br />
[surround="pad"][cap]A[/cap] regular visitor and contributor to the site has suggested that many [i]'good'[/i] articles are buried in the Archives and that visitors are being deprived of the chance to view them because, often, they don't even know they exist. He suggested it would be helpful if visitors could be directed to the Archives directly from the front page. I have tried to implement his recommendation.[/surround]<br />
[surround="pad"]You may comment on ANY article, no matter how old, especially if you have only just read it![/surround]<br />
[surround="pad"]Enjoy![/surround]<br />
[surround="pad"][quote][surround="pad"][i]Articles with titles that appear in all-CAPS indicate that the article has not yet been fully formatted for the site even though the textual content is readable. Please indulge me with your patience while I try to catch up with my responsibities.[/i][/surround][/quote][/surround]<br />
[block="site:news:select" striptitle="1" onlyifpermissions="0" leave_page_and_zone="0" merge_parameters="1"]main_include_module[/block]
| [box="Random Quotes"][block="quotes1" title="Quote-1"]main_quotes[/block][/box]
[box][block="quotes2" title="Quote-2"]main_quotes[/block][/box]
[box][block="quotes3" title="Quote-3"]main_quotes[/block][/box]
[box][block="quotes4" title="Quote-4"]main_quotes[/block][/box]
[box][block="quotes5" title="Quote-5"]main_quotes[/block][/box]

Dropped the 'pipe' symbols that preceded quotes 2, 3, 4, and 5. Done!


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Take my advice. I'm not using it!

View my working ocPortal site (version 9.x.x) at Anglo-Indian Portal
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