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#43225 (In Topic #9603)

Due to a number of unexpected problems that came up with v4.0.0, we've replaced it with v4.0.1.

This now fixes all known problems. Thank you to everyone who's been trying v4 today and last night: I really appreciate your patience, and assistance in helping me get to the root of all the problems.

Fixes have been made to the following issues:
  • Fixed the 'mb_list_encodings' problem that was causing ocPortal to not run on PHP 4 when the mbstring was enabled
  • Fixed CSS corruption when upgrading
  • Fixed assert error on some PHP installs when upgrading
  • Fixed problem upgrading from v3 (stack dump relating to g_order)
  • Fixed problem upgrading from v3 where the option to upgrade OCF was not presented
  • Improved error handling in the upgrader, for cases where ocPortal errors get generated
  • Improved error handling in the upgrader, for cases where the given FTP details result in 'access denied' errors
  • Old v3 files that need to be deleted are now pre-ticked/checked on the upgrader integrity check screen
  • Error messages generated within the installer are now more legible
  • If incorrect forum database details are given in the installer, an appropriate message (rather than a stack dump) is now given
  • Fixed login problems present on all forum drivers for third-party forums
  • Fixed auto-remembrance of forum driver settings in the installer
  • Fixed a number of problems in the galleries system: flow-mode, and personal galleries
  • Fixed website polls
  • Fixed a number of other minor errors
  • (Fixed filename of upgrader archive)
  • (fixed news category permissions on our own website)

The v4.0.1 upgrade now replaces the v4.0.0 upgrade in our original news post.

For those interested, there are 3 reasons that all these bugs came up so suddenly:
  1. Upgrading from v3 wasn't really a focus for testing until now.
  2. There was more interest in v4-final than previous releases, and thus more testing over a shorter space of time.
  3. Some really bad luck- it so happened that some fixes in RC5 actually caused some nasty new bugs.

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