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#60139 (In Topic #13071)

Preceding the expected release of ocPortal version 4.4 next week,  we are pleased to announce a new feature tracker which we will be using to plan future features. The tracker shows all 177 feature areas we currently have for consideration for future versions of ocPortal, laid out for anyone to see and comment on. In the past we have planned ocPortal in private so this is a huge change for us and a huge release of what were previously private plans.

The purpose of the feature tracker is to highlight current and future developments within ocPortal and allow the community to have a say and make suggestions. Each issue or feature in the database has a description of the intended functionality, a time estimation, and a clear layout of dependencies and risk management data (which gives an impression to how the developers likely see it in terms of schedule for implementation).

We hope the new feature tracker helps foster a greater feeling of inclusivity amongst our community and a real foundation for transparency and engagement. You shouldn't expect everything on this list to be "around the corner" but it does give everyone a chance to have their say, and help foster a shared vision.

The ocPortal feature tracker can be found here:
My View - ocPortal feature tracker

We look forward to seeing your comments and new issues posted on here soon!

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  • If my reply is too Vulcan or expressed too much in business-strategy terms, and not particularly personal, I apologise. As a company & project maintainer, time is very limited to me, so usually when I write a reply I try and make it generic advice to all readers. I'm also naturally a joined-up thinker, so I always express my thoughts in combined business and technical terms. I recognise not everyone likes that, don't let my Vulcan-thinking stop you enjoying Composr on fun personal projects.
  • If my response can inspire a community tutorial, that's a great way of giving back to the project as a user.
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Community saint

Thanks Chris,

I feel that this openness and the extra communication in this can only make ocPortal better.

Rick Henson

OCP 4.3.2 & 5.0.1
PHP 5.2.5
MySQL 5.0.51a
FireFox 3.6.8
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Community saint

I'll second Rick's comments, great idea!

"no violence, no hate, no pain, no enemies
just peace, unity, tolerance and love" - The Beloved

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