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#51363 (In Topic #11215)

This is an e-mail I'm sending out to people who have expressed interest doing translations in the past. However, it equally applies to anybody here who wants to get involved in translating :).
The more people that who can get involved in translating, the better for all our international users!

Hi all,

You once registered your interested in ocPortal translations in our internationalisation forum, or opened a support ticket about them with us. This is what I'm e-mailing about today.

The ocPortal team have recently made some internationalisation improvements, and we're putting our full support behind the Launchpad tool. Read on to see why this is a big thing.

Some of you probably haven't visited in a while. We've been hard at work making improvements, and there has been a big focus on user friendliness with countless bug fixes and usability improvements. 4.1 is the current version, but 4.2 will be out quite soon. We've recently launched video tutorials, ocPortal has been fully Open Source for almost a year, and there have been lots of exciting new features. If you haven't tried the v4 line yet you'll be amazed at how much we've done.

I'm e-mailing you all in the hope that we can capture your interest in Launchpad if we haven't already. If everybody does translations together at once things will be a lot easier for everybody. If you have some free time over the next few days this is a great opportunity to help out. In fact, the time has never been better – for most of the languages people have talked about, there are a few of you who all want to help translated the language – if everybody takes this chance to act now together, things should be able to go very well.
I'm excited about what can happen!

In the past quite a few people have wanted to do do translations (there are 86 of you actually!), but apart from the work of a few heros amongst you, most translations don't get finished. I think you realise how huge a job it is and you probably find your life is too busy to "reach the finish line". We can change all this now.

It's easy to get started. You've helped even if you only translate one small file – that's one less file someone else would need to do, and a step closer to a finished pack. So why not :)?

Translations via Launchpad

Launchpad is an online service that includes a collaborative translation feature. ocPortal has been registered on it for a while thanks to the help of Kristin (Sunlightshadow).

Launchpad is great because…
  • You do not need to feel that you are alone translating everything yourself anymore.
  • It's very easy to work together. People can be translating the same language at the same time.
  • Anyone can download the current set of translations at any time.

How to begin

You just need to register here and set up your profile with your speaking language. Then visit this site, choose a translation template and begin. It is really easy!

Why not start now?

Hey, why not even recruit some friends.

Reasons to start now!

There are lots of good reasons to help with translations, including:
  • Most importantly it helps you get ocPortal in your language.
  • Being one of the first people to have ocPortal in your language gives you a competitive advantage. Other people in your country won't be so prepared to make such cool sites.
  • You'll be giving back. The ocProducts team works really hard, and especially now ocPortal is free, it really keeps us going to see other people adding their contributions to the mix.
  • It makes you look good to employers.
  • It makes you look good in the community.
  • People who are very active contributors are more likely to get some free support from ocProducts (usually this is commercial only, but we can give a little bit of our time if we know it's going to someone who is giving back).


Our internationalisation forum is still the best place to talk to other translators. You could e-mail me back but chances are I don't speak your language and I'm often short on time, so the best place is the forum.

How can I get the Launchpad .po files back into ocPortal?

The next ocPortal version will be able to do this automatically. But you can download the new functionality early, from the Launchpad FAQ topic.


We've updated our internationalisation tutorial.

Have you already done a private translation?

If you already have a translation please consider putting it into Launchpad to share with all. You will benefit from this as others will be able to extend it when new versions of ocPortal come out.
Also please send me any .ini files you have in a zip if you can't/don't-have-time-to import them into Launchpad, along with the version they're for. I'll do it for you.

If you have new png files, text/ files, and so on, please post these on the forum to share with others. Launchpad is only for the strings.

Multi-language sites

ocPortal does not currently support multi-language sites fully, but if there is enough interest we are very likely to add this support into ocPortal 4.2, which should be out in the next few months.


If there is anything we can do to make translation easier or if there is anything we need to fix, please let us know. If you want to talk to other translators please use the internationalisation forum.

I'm very aware that we need to make things easy and exciting for you guys. A lot of people have dropped out in the past and perhaps it is our fault for not helping enough. So if things are frustrating, or if you feel lonely, please let me know and I'll try and sort something out :D.

I'm hoping to see you get/stay involved :).


Managing director / Lead programmer

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  • If so, please let others know about Composr whenever you see the opportunity or support me on Patreon.
  • If my reply is too Vulcan or expressed too much in business-strategy terms, and not particularly personal, I apologise. As a company & project maintainer, time is very limited to me, so usually when I write a reply I try and make it generic advice to all readers. I'm also naturally a joined-up thinker, so I always express my thoughts in combined business and technical terms. I recognise not everyone likes that, don't let my Vulcan-thinking stop you enjoying Composr on fun personal projects.
  • If my response can inspire a community tutorial, that's a great way of giving back to the project as a user.
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