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The Lovinity Community

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Website for sharing wisdom / asking advice plus internet radio system

So here's my ocPortal website "The Lovinity Community"

As stated in the about us:

Our mission at the Lovinity Community is to be a source and a community for the public to ask for advice and share their wisdom on topics based on a 12-dimensional life model. We also aim to be an open place for others to have show time on our internet radio stream.
We follow a 12-dimensional life model, aka. 12 areas of our lives that we should keep healthy and strong in order to live happily and healthy. These elements include Self Esteem, Peace and Balance, Intuition and Senses, Diet, Exercise, Emotions, Thought and Creativity, Work and Recreation, Communication, Love and Intimacy, Destiny and Dreams, and Spirituality. And through all of our social tools we offer such as the forum, chat rooms, private messages, blogs, radio, and more... we hope our community utilizes them and gains knowledge to take with them in their to a healthy life.


Now this website features ocPortal 9.0.19 with a semi-custom theme as well as the Arrowchat chat system installed and integrated. It also features an internet radio system that is also integrated into ocPortal. The radio system allows for track library browsing, track requests, and even radio show hosting on the stream. I'm currently working on a combat role play system as well.
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