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Mammoth Jewelry

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Community saint

Here is another 'do it yourself website'.

I installed ocPortal for Vern, configured it and designed a new custom theme for Mammoth Jewelry. It is now ready for him to add his content.

I posted this one a little pre maturely being I am still doing the final tweaks to the theme and Vern has not added his content yet. But this is a special site.

Vern is a long time friend, from the same home town as me and I am doing a skill swap with him. I am designing, hosting and maintaining his website for him and he is going to design and create mine and Tina's wedding set for us :)

I know he is going to create something truly great for Tina and I and I want to be sure he gets something truly great in return. He is beyond happy with what I have done so far but he has no logo yet…..and I am stumped on that part of it. Any ideas from some of my graphic guru friends here? Something that will work well on not only his website but business cards and such as well too? He loves the background image….be part of the logo? Maybe.
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