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Legends of Nor'Ova

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Restructured around a new purpose


I am proud to announce the re-opening of my site - Legends of Nor'Ova!

Legends of Nor'Ova had once been the home of a forum based role playing community. However as life got busier and I got older, my interest in running such a community eventually died. My interests in Role Playing Games though remains.

For many years I have been working on a tabletop roleplaying game and engine called Legends of Nor'Ova (or Nor'Ova for short). This is something I have been working on since 1998, slowly perfecting and building my idal tabletop RPG game, a game that I would want to play. In time I completed the system, which I released as Legends of Nor'Ova on my site back in 2008. Since then I have made several different editions as bugs and such were eventually found that needed fixed and better ways of doing things were discovered.

I was working on edition 4 when the idea came to me, why not make it into a wiki? After all, I was already giving it away (though donations are always accepted), and as a wiki I'd be able to edit and update parts of the book as needed on the fly and those who use it could always have the latest version. Plus as a wiki those who wanted to contribute to it would be able to do so.

So I began to build a wiki - but not originally with ocPortal. You see, I had forgotten the power behind ocPortal and it's CEDI/wiki+. But half way through the project I began to think - "Most Tabletop RPG's out there such as D&D have a community. It would probably be a good idea to have a community." After looking at my cat for confirmation I remembered "ocPortal has both a wiki engine and a built in community and more."

And thus I built my wiki with ocPortal. There have been some bumps along the way. I had to create some classes to get better tables, which I shared with you guys, and I had to work with Chris about some things in the Wiki such as responsive boxes and wiki page loading issues. But in the end it has turned out great and I can't think of a better piece of software to use than ocPortal to have made this wiki site. I feel especially elated that doing so has also benefited ocPortal and the soon to be composrCMS.

So yeah, feel free to visit if you are into tabletop RPG's or want to see all the wiki+ improvements at work. I still have to theme the site, but that will come. Content is far more important IMO than looks.

Legends of Nor'Ova: A site powered by ocPortal; home of the Legends of Nor'Ova tabletop RPG wiki and community.

Like ocPortal? Want to thank Chris and gang somehow? Then help out in the chat room! It really needs your help! Just open it in a tab everytime you open your web browser, and when you hear a "ding", check it out!

"Those who want help should first be willing to give help."
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Ooh nice! I'll be constructing a role playing website as well once the v10 beta is released… . It's going to feature its own canon and wiki and will be a combination RPG / number crunching and narrative story-telling.

Perhaps we can affiliate and bounce things off each other once my site opens?
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