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Well it's hello from me, and..... Could I have a little help please?

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Fan in training

Hello from me and a question about subscriptions.

Firstly the Hi….


I am in the process of looking  into options for a website for a social club, to drag it out of the dark ages ;).  I have settled on ocPortal because it is the only one that I can easily see has an inbuilt forum straight out of the box.

Now whether I stay with ocP, time will tell, but for the time being I am in a testing stage using my own webspace.

My question, right now, is regards to subscriptions.

Basically, the social club looks like it will be a paid members club.  As such, it will require payments to be accepted, duh.

Now I have had a quick glance in the tutorials and have noticed that there is an option for recursive billing and and option for manual entry.

On the manual entry, will that allow you to unlock the site to the user on payment of say a cheque?

And now to the crux of the matter…  I am a member of a paid for club.  This does not restrict my access to the forum, but it does give me a banner at the top of my login telling me when my subscription expires.

Is this an option that can easily be put in place?  And can I restrict access to the site automatically to guests, lapsed members and paid members?

many thanks, and sorry if I asked about something I have missed in the tutorials.

I will continue to look at this, provided my wife stops pestering me :(

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Basically the answer is yes, you can set up all the usergroups, permissions, subscription, however you want.
However there are some 'buts'. An ocPortal usergroup-subscription is ongoing, and the system isn't really designed to communicate renewal dates or anything like that. Normally someone pays via PayPal then PayPal keeps things ticking along automatically with auto-charged payments; until a user cancels or fails to be able to pay. I'm not sure to be honest if you could activate a subscription via a manual transaction in the Admin Zone, but if you can ocPortal would not automatically stop the subscription when the period ends so you'd have to do that manually. If you can't activate a subscription manually in the Admin Zone you could still manually give a user access by manually changing their usergroup- same effect, it just wouldn't be listed as a subscription. The only way to check up on one's subscriptions is from the Personal Zone, there's no top banner ('block' in ocPortal terminology) for that.

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